Richard Heart Fists

SolidFists auctions Richard Heart FISTS on OpenSea

HeartFists NFT are three exclusive and unique 3D – SolidFists NFT’s that are offered as a one-time-only auction on OpenSea. The funds will be allocated into an investment fund to further Richard Heart’s community for education purposes and project development. Furthermore parts will be donated to a charity of the communities choice, like The Hex/PulseX/Pulse Crypto & Blockchain projects are in line with SolidFists philosophy. Liberty!

With this auction SolidFists is supporting the cause Blockchain Believer. 

From all who join this auction, one random winner will receive a free mint of the official collection of SolidFists NFT. In addition, all evaluated influencers that widely spread information to this auction, will receive a free mint of the utility NFT,  PixelFists.

Auction Information: 
Opening date: 23rd January 2022
Closing date: approx. 1.5 month each
ERC-721, on Ethereum Blockchain
Special: Highest bidder wins. To honour the winner, they can choose to have their name engraved on a copy of their NFT, which will then be dropped to Richard Heart to own.

OpenSea Auction

Influencers contact us here